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måndag 27 juni 2011

Chris McCarthy "When i am dancing i feel scared"

I recently had a chance to have an exclusive interview with is one of Amerika's most talented, dancers, Chris McCarthy, also known as the "bad boy" from the Rock the Ballet. Chris was born in San Fransisco but grew up in Miami. His love for dance started when he was 17 and developed into a self-taugt contemporay dancer through instructional video on the internet. Later he received his academic training in "Miami Dance Town" under the direction of Manny Castro and signing as a dancer/entertainer for C & J Productions. Specializing in both jazz, hip-hop and modern dance to. His career so far has led him to danced at the side and in association of big names in show business including Madonna, Prince, Liza Minelli, to nane a few. Recent accomplishments include to be one of the bad boys (bad boys) of the famous "Rock the Ballet" the Rasta Thomas. Today Chris continues to spreading hes love of dance & to appreciate multiple opportunities to dance & teache around the world. He will be soon cooming for the second time to Greece (7-11 july) to hold together with the Greek ballet dancer Sofia Trana a seminar on Athens Ballet Center. Enjoy the interview below... :)

- My first question is: What year were you born and what is your dancing background, i read on the internet that you first started to dance at age of 17 as a self-taugt dancer is that right?

Yes thats right; I was born 1989 and when i began dancing i was teaching myself through dance videos on the internet. when i finally saved up enough money on my own i joined a school were i studied in many different styles of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and ballroom.

- As a child, did you want to be a dancer? if not what did you want to be when you grew up?

Actuallly, its funny; as a child i just wanted to be a superstar. I would spend much of my time learning movies like and actor or song like singers, and performing for my toys.

- Who are you? A dancer that happens to be human or a human that happens to dance?

I like to believe i am a dancer that happens to be human. so many times when i am choreographing, teaching, or performing its impossible to create some of the things i see because of the limitations of being human. but its that challenge that is so exciting and makes me push to try to create such a non human quality or effect.

- What style of dance do you prefer?

My favorite style of dance that i prefer to watch in Ballroom. there is so much commitment, its hard, its technical, and passionate. My favorite style of dance to perform or teach is contemporary. Its free, and exciting, and whatever you make of it.

- Who is your dancing icon?

In dance my icon is Rasta Thomas. Many other names are very talented or have brilliant minds, but Rasta is all of every characteristic to me. his dance technique, his performance personality, his movement quality, and his active mind on and off stage.

- What do you think or and feel when you are dancing?

When i am dancing i feel scared. Not scared of the audience or the performance. its a away of vulnerable tht i feel so that when i perform every movement is honest and real. being scared for me also makes me think about the decisions i make on stage before i make them so that they are wise and respectful to the atmosphere and the mood of the choreography.

- Unless I am mistaken, you performed at Badminton Theatre. Was it your first time in Athens and how do you feel performing in Greece?

It was my first time in Greece. I had the time of my life. The audience was great and welcoming, and the food in Greece was DELICIOUS! lol

-What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

That is a hard question. i have done many many thing and still i am young, but to date, i would say dancing with Rasta Thomas Rock the Ballet. Traveling the world and preforming for 100's of thousands of people all over the world is something that i would never give back and am so grateful for..

- Are you interested in other forms of arts? Do they inspire you? and how?

I am very interested in all forms of art. I believe its important as an artist to extend your vocabulary in every way. I paint, write music, and play instruments. (all brass instruments the trumpet, the trombone, the tuba, ect.) also i go through many different phases of inspiration. Some times its art work or music. Sometimes its beautiful or even not so beautiful thing you can see.

- How much would you be able to sacrifice for dancing?

I want to Believe that i could sacrifice everything. with the obvious exception of family.

- What is more important, passion or technic?

Passion. Technique is important but i am interested in everyone's story and how they with to tell it, and some people simply are not gifted with a great amount of technique.

- What do you do to stay healthy – inside and out?

I exercise often and try to eat healthy. I fail often at eating healthy but i try. Sometimes food is just too good.

- What are your hobbies?

I have many hobbies, but mostly i enjoy painting, simply just sitting and listening to all types of music and people watching.

- What has been your most embarrassing moment as a dancer?

ohhh wow. When I 19 I was performing solo in an arts festival. the was to be no breaks between acts and you had to pay attention if you were on next to be ready to go on and start your piece. will never forget, before me was a ballerina doing 2 different variations. I wasn't away she was doing 2 so after her first variation ended I ran on stage so confident it was my turn and assumed my starting position. Long story short he looked over to me and said "i have one more" i looked into the audience of over 7,000 people so embarrassed .

- How do you explain your character? What type of person are you?

I am a very outgoing, out spoken person. I am creative and open to All types of new things. I think a lot and some times a get lost in my head, which is my favorite part of my personality. I love talking to people and making new friends. I live by this saying : "People love People who love People".

- Do you have any bad habits that you would hate or personally would like to stop?

Of course. One bad habit i would love to break is that i talk a lot and get lost in story telling. sometimes i run out of time and wish i would have just gotten to the point. But i like to think i am a good story teller and people like my story's, but I could probably do without so many lol.

- You have plenty of years ahead to dance , but what do you want to do after your dancer career is finished?

I want to run my own company. A company that learns about interesting people and puts the biography's on stage.

- What can we expect from you in the future?

I hope a lot. currently right now i am working on a show i hope to be premiering within the next year. and a lot of performing and teaching around the world. I'm exited about my future, and i look forward to living it out.

- How can fans find out more about you?

There will be a new website finished and running buy sept. ChrisjMcc.com where anyone will be able to find out were i am what i'm doing, how to book me for teaching or quest performance, or simply just to check in. With photos and videos both personal and testimonial from dancers or studios i teach at .

- Lastly, is there anything else you would like to let our readers know about?

Everyone dies. its the expected. but not everyone Lives. its important to find what you love and spend your life enjoying what you love.

To get more information you can connect with Chris McCarthy via facebook

lördag 18 juni 2011

NASTAZIA MITROPOULOU: "eimai polu ikanopoimeni me tin zwi mou..eftasa ekei pou ithela"

Shmera sas parousiasw mia nea tragoudistria tsh opoias h mousikh edw ke merikous mines akougete sto Facebook me ton Yiannis Music Group. Oi duo toys xekinisan episis na kanoun entiposiakes emfanishs on stage xesikonountas toys thaumastes me nea tragoudia kai diaskeves opos "Time of my life" kai "Singing kiss". En wra pou grafontai autes oi grammes exei giristh ke to proto video pu sundoma tha to dite ke stin tileorasi.
O logos gia tin ekrhtikh, tragoudistria Naztasia Mitropoulou, h opoia exei asxolithei ke me allous kalitexnikous xwrous. Egine anagnwrisimh kai agaphth prwtistws me tin idiaiterh parousia ths ws modelo- sumparousiatria ths thleoptikhs ekpombphs tou gnwstou dhmosiougrafou-parousiath Themou Anastasiadh «Ola» Episis exei doulepsei ws pwlhtria se katasthma pouxwm enw dokimase mia kariera ws zwgrafos protou na ependueish sth mousikh. Ena oneiro ths pou exei pleon ginei pragmatikotita!!!! Kalh anagnwsh lipon....

- Geia soy Naztasia! Katarxas s'eucaristw polu gia auth th sunenteuxh , tha borouses na mou peis poies einai oi prwtes soy entupwseis apo thn prosfath sunavlia sto ARGOS , htan katholou opws thn eixes fantastei?

hello...kiegw euxaristw polu...oi entuposeis mou itan foveres....eixe polu kosmo kai kalo...perasa fovera....eixa polu agxos giati eixa ena xrono na kanw sunavlia alla ta katafera

- Ti soy ekane pio megalh entupwsh apo thn prwth sou sunaulia?

Afto pou moukane entiposi itan to oti borei naxa tromero agxos alla pigan ola teleia kias xtupouse i kardia mou dunata ....genika to kako me mena einai oti kamoia fora den pistevw ston eauto mou alla molis anevainw stin skini ola allazoun

- Pes moy duo logia gia to pws sunanththkes me ton Yiannis Music Group kai pws proekupse h olh sunvergasia?Me ton yanni gnwristikame sto odeio pou pigainw....einai kathigitis mou sto moderno tragoudi...kietsi proekupse afti i uperoxi sunergasia pou exoume...einai foveros sunergatis kai xarika polu pou gnwristikame...

- Poso kairo exeis asxolhthei ke ti se wthhse na asxolhtheis me th mousikh, apo mikri htheles na gineis tragoudistria?

Apton noemvrio ksekinisame ta mathimata...genika apo mikri ithela nasxolithw me to tragoudi kai genika me ton xwro tis show bizz alla pote den perimena oti tha ta kataferw....eimai polu ikanopoimeni me tin zwi mou....eftasa ekei pou ithela

-Pws tha periegrafes th mousikh sou?

I mousiki pou paizoume einai perissotero 80s alla xoreftika..kai merika pou einai kainouria....apla theloume na kanoume kati to diaforetiko

-Kai ti eidous entupwsh theleis na afhneis se osous akoune ta tragoudia sou?

thelw na apolamvanoun tin mousiki mas opws otan apolamvanw egw ena tragoudi...giafto kai dialeksame na kanoume kati diaforetiko

-Ti einai shmatiko gia sena, kata th diarkeia mias sunaulias?

Na eimai iremi...na min exw polu agxos kai fusika naxw kalo koino.....psuxologika den thelw namai piesmeni kai kanenan na nai panw apto kefali mou ...ekei stresaromai kai den apodidw opws tha ithela

-Yparxei kapoio tragoudi soy pou tou exeis idiaiterh adunamia, kai pou sou aresei polu na to tragoudas zwntana? poio tragoudi einai auto kai giati? to agapimeno mou einai to kiss tou prince...to theorw tragoudi polu sexy alla se kanei na thes kai na xorepseis....exei fovero ruthmo...opote to lew afto stis sunavlies anaivenw kiallo

- Paizeis kapoio organo?

arxizw kai mathainw piano i alitheia einai kai to vriskw polu endiaferon

- Grafeis stixous ? an nai protimas na grafeis sta ellinka h sta agglika?

oi stixoi pou grafw einai stagglika.....den kserw giati....mou vgainoun pio eukola...borei isws epeidi einai kai i mitriki mou glwssa

- Poies akrivws einai oi mousikes sou epirroes?
einai polles....!!!!!!!!

- Exerte gurisei kapio video?

Exoume gurisei ena video .....pou suntoma tha to deite stis tileoraseis tin alli vdomada an den toxete dei akoma giati den kserw pote tha vgei i sunenteuksi

- Exw akousei ena apo ta tragoudia sou, kai apo oti katalavenw auto to egrapses gia ton patera soy, pes mou ligo gia auto to tragoudi kai pws to egrapses, htan gia sena enas tropos na epexergasteis to thanato tou patera sou?

Auto to tragoudi to grapsa 1 mera meta ton thanato tou patera mou alla tha protimousa na min milisw giafto

- Ti einai auto pou agapas perisotero sto eauto soy?

agapw ton eauto mou gt kserw den thakana kako se anthrwpo.genika exw kali psuxi.agapw ton theo ta zwa kai genika tous anthrwpous dipla mou...episis eimai polu evgeniki me olous ...oti kai na mouxoun kanei ean mouxoun kanei fusika

-Poia tha eleges einai h pio megalh allagh , pou exeis kanei sth zwh soy?
i pio megali allagi pouxw kanei einai apo ena dropalo koritsaki tou xwriou kateliksa ston uperoxo kosmo tis show bizz...vevaia eimai akoma dropali alla oxi opws otan imoun mikri...imoun to pio dropalo paidi tou xwriou...kai se kapoia fasi tis ilikias mou ithela napodeiksw to antitheto enw katavathos imoun akoma i idia

- Pws thes na pernas ton eleuthero xrono sou, h agaphmenh soy apasxolhsh?

na zwgrafizw ....na kanw proves....na pigainw kamoia volta me tous anthrwpous pou agapaw ktl

- Poio einai to pio trelo munima apo toy fans soy pou sou exoun grapsei sto facebook?

ta perissotera trela einai...kiexw trelathei....polles fores ama to minima einai periergo kai poniro tous diagrafw

- Pws oneireuesai th kariera sou sth mousikh?

elpizw pws tharesei i mousiki mas an kiexw paratirisei stis sunavlies mas ginetai o xamos...aresoume diladi

- Telos, dwse parakalw ena mhnuma stous anagnwstes toy ""The Facebook Interview"

Na skefteste panda thetika giati i zwi einai wraia kioti provlimata exoume na prospathoume na vroume tin lusi me iremia kai thetiki skepsi

Naztasia mou s'eucaristw kai pali gia to xrono pou mou dietheses kai soy euxomai kalh sunexia!!!
euxaristoume para poluuuu

Mporeitai na kanete add tin Naztasia Mitropoulou sto facebook edw.

söndag 12 juni 2011


Agapites files, kai filoi, tha ithela prota apo ola na sas enimerosw oti to email (thefacebookinterview@yahoo.com) den litourgei pleon. To kenourgio mou einai: the_facebook_interview@yahoo.com. Auto simeni pos oli eseis pu stilate tis teleutes 5-6 euvdomades, stin palia diefnisei, egw den exo diavasei ta email sas, giafto sas parakalw na xana stilete sto kenourgio email. Eucaristw!
Lipame episis pu den boresa na kratisw thn uposxesei moy, anaferome gia thn sunendeuxei me tin banda apo thess...Vasika ixa mia mikri epikenonia me ton tragoudisti me ton opoion ixame sumfonisi na stilo tin synendeuxei graptos. H pandisei tou htan pos otan ola ta pedia mazeftoun tha apandousan tis erotises, kati tetio den fenete na egine omos, ke etsi den uparxei synedeuxei etimi gia na anevaso.
To kalokeri ine omos edo ke syndoma tha paw ke egw gia diakopes...
Kalo kalokairi se olous koitaxte na peraste kala!!! :)